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Free Sample Virtual Trombone Lesson


With all of our school years winding down I am offering all current high school and college trombonists a free lesson over Zoom this summer. If you are interested please email me at chasanov@illinois.edu

The UI Trombone Studio is pleased to welcome 6 new students to the 20-21 UI Trombone Studio family!

Rachel L, tenor trombone-MusEd, Taipei, Taiwan
Spencer M., tenor trombone performance, DeKalb, IL
Jerry M., bass trombone performance, Albany (Berkely), CA
Evan S., bass trombone performance, O’Fallon, IL
Daven H., graduate tenor performance, Eugene, OR
Chris V., tenor trombone-MusEd transfer, Aurora, IL

Continuing Students 20/21
Kevin A., tenor trombone-MusEd, Long Grove, IL
Jorge A., tenor trombone performance, Chicago, IL
Eliel D., bass trombone-MusEd, Aurora, IL
Brian F., bass trombone-MusEd, Champaign, IL
Charlie H., bass trombone performance, New York City
Jason K., tenor trombone-MusEd, Hickory Hills, IL
Reid L., graduate bass trombone performance, Boulder, CO
Kate M, graduate trombone-Musicology, Macomb, IL
Wes S., graduate bass trombone-Musicology, Nashville, IL
Nate S., tenor trombone-MusEd ,Naperville, IL
AJ T. bass trombone-MusEd, Rolling Meadows, IL
Matt W., tenor trombone-MusEd, Naperville, IL
Connor Y., tenor trombone performance, Naperville, IL
Ray Z., tenor trombone-MusEd, Aurora, IL


Free Pandemic Trombone/Low Brass/Brass Clinics

All Band Directors:


With our academic year winding down at UIUC I wanted to offer you and your students a free clinic or masterclass session during your band period, or whenever is most convenient for you. If there is interest it could even be a combined band, school or all-district offering if you'd like.


I would be happy to do sessions on fundamentals, section playing and musicianship. Students would also be welcome to play solos, etudes or ILMEA audition requirements.


Depending on your school's regulations, I can easily set it up from here my UIUC zoom account and you can send the link to the students you would like to participate.


Please let me know if this is of interest to you, if it is, when you would like the event to occur. My email is chasanov@illinois.edu


I hope you are all staying healthy and sane through this bizarre period!



Elliot Chasanov

Professor of Trombone

Breaking News


6/20: Bradley Martinez (DMA-ABD) accepts position with US Army Bands


8/19: David Allen (BM, 92) has been appointed Director of Advancement of the School of Music.

7/19: Kiel Lauer (BM, 08) won the bass trombone position with the Ft Collins Symphony, CO. He also performs with orchestras in Wyoming and New Mexico. He is currently completing his DMA at UC-Boulder.

6/19: Matt Welch (Undergrad-MusEd) auditioned and was selected to the Wheaton Summer Band.

2/19: Justin Brown (BM, MM 14) appointed principal trombone of the Fox Valley Orchestra, Aurora, IL.

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