Undergraduate Trombone Admission Audition Requirements

Undergraduate Application Deadline: 1/5/20












General Information

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Email specific questions regarding admissions procedures, requests, and programs of study to: musicadmissions@illinois.edu      

Trombone Studio Undergraduate Audition Information


On-campus auditions are much preferred and are held on selected dates in November, January and early February.

All applicants should demonstrate good embouchure resulting in comfortable playing in all registers, a good concept of sound, a strong sense of rhythm, and a steady tempo.

Required Undergraduate Audition Materials


1. A Rochut/Bordogni Etude of your choice (bass trombones play an octave down if using tenor trombone edition).


2. All tenor and bass trombone applicants must be prepared to perform two contrasting movements (or major sections in the case of single movement works) from the appropriate list of solo works for your major instrument listed below, demonstrating lyrical phrasing and technical proficiency.  Please contact Professor Chasanov at chasanov@illinois.edu  or  click here should you wish to substitute works not listed below.

Tenor Trombone Solos

David: Concertino

Guilmant: Morceau Symphonique

Hindemith: Sonate

Larsson: Concertino

Saint Saens: Cavatine

Serocki: Sonatine

Bass Trombone Solos

Defaye/Knaub:Deux Danses

Hindemith: Dei Leichte Stucke
Jacob: Cameos

Lassen: Fantasy Pieces
Lebedev: Concerto in one movement
McCarty: Sonata

3. Sight reading ability will also be evaluated.

4. Those auditioning for the Performance Major please note:
Applicants for the Performance Degree in either trombone or bass trombone are also required to prepare 3 orchestral excerpts from the lists located at the bottom of both the tenor and bass solo lists on this page.

Tenor Trombone Audition Excerpts 

Click on links below for printable excerpts (pick 3):
Hungarian March
Mozart    Tuba Mirum (2nd trombone solo from Requiem)
Wagner  Ride of the Valkyries (both minor and major sections)

Bass Trombone Audition Excerpts 

Click on links below for printable excerpts (pick 3):

Berlioz   Hungarian March
Franck   Symphony in D minor
Haydn   Creation
Wagner Ride of the Valkyries (both minor & major sections)


Questions? Please contact Professor Chasanov at chasanov@illinois.edu  or  click here